Sissify Yourself: Sissies and their relationships

after being isolated for so long, it may seem strange to be introduced to another boy, wearing a skirt and sporting pert little apple breasts like you! u'll both be taken aback but perhaps it will help knowing u r not the only boy who has been chosen for feminization. sissies can help each other ease through the painful transition to "gurl"hood. u may think u 'll be secretly disgusted by the sight of a prettified boy, but u 'll be surprised how quickly u and your new playmate will grow close. u 'll be spending lots of time with "her" slo play nice!

BFFs... and lovers!

everyone needs a friend, even a sissy like u! of course real boys no longer want anything to do witn u and real girls have better things to do with their time (not all of them..), whicn is why sissies must comfort themselves with the company of others like them! sissies are emotional and lonely, many of them being cut off from their past. u 'll be happy sharing all your feelings about your transformation with someone who can understand what you are going through, another sissy! all those confusing feelings and desires pent up for so long will naturally respond to the sweet embrace of a pretty new friend. as strange as it soundS, u '11 be grateful when your relationship grows intimate enough for your "chastity belts" to come off. u 'll respond accordingly!

am I gay?

u maybe embarrassed about your sissy "relationships'" and that's a completely natural reaction. Not so long ago, the thought of kissing another boy would have been repugnant. and the thought of "touching him or tasting him unthinkable"! now that u are doing these things, u are probably ashamed and still repelled, no matter how pretty your new "gurl"friend may be. as for being "gay" consider this: aren't u "gurly" now? isn't your playmate just as "gurly" as u? : "girl" + "girl" doesn't equal "gay", it equals lesbian. when u were a boy didn't u fantasize about lesbians? its OK because now you ARE ONE TOO!

sissies are perverts? no way..

many sissies are afraid that by embracing their femininity they instantly become gay or some kind of perverts. while u know that u are not a threat to anyone. u r not a pervert!! u just love to feel like a woman! it's something that most men will never have the chance to experience. so it's something like a gift. u know that there are sissies out there with perfectly normal relationships with girlfriends and wives.it's just a matter of finding the perfect woman to accept u as u are. and when u find her u keep here!! because it means that she is with u for who u are. and most of the times she loves u like no girlfriend has ever loved a totally straight "macho" man! apart from that.. u know that when it comes to sex, u will always have the best "girl on girl action"!! is there anything better in the world..?