I'm not gay, I just want some cock

let's have a little test to see if u r a sissy at all..

what is the first thing that draws your attention in that photo? u can see a hot chick grabbing her huge tits and sticking out her tongue, all ready to suck. is it something that turns u on in that photo? and if so, what is it?

a) is it her mouth?

b) is it her big tits?

c) is it the way she poses?

d) or is it the big fat cock?

Well let's take it from the beggining. first of all, most of U, ARE NOT GAY!! ther's a huge difference between gays and sissies! gays tend to adore the male form while sissies adore the female form. the twist is : that sissies adore women so much that they want to be one! while gays love being men but they want to be with other men! that thought is repugnant to most sissies! that's why most sissies don't have any sort of sensual feelings for any man, ever! they mostly love women. but it's that they admire other things also that most men (or gays) never notice, like their clothes, their hair, their moves, their walk etc!

although, despite all these things there's also something else...

almost ALL sissies tend to have a weird OBSESSION FOR COCKS!!! funny thing but it's true that most sissies absolutely looove cocks! it's something in them that makes them irresistible for any sissy. so unfortunately we have a paradox here. sissies are not attracted to men but they are attracted to their cocks!!! cocks seem to have an absolute power over sissies. to some of them it's just a thought, while to others it's a fact, but ALL OF THEM would do anything for a chance to suck a nice big cock at least one time in their life!!

have u ever imagined that there's a big fat cock in front of u ready to be sucked? i think u have... just the thought that u have made a cock strong and hard for u, makes u drool like a slut. that's because when it comes to cocks, sissies feel a weird urge. it's the same urge that girls have. and sissies have girly minds. they think exactly like girls. so it's not that strange, is it?

that's why here u 'll get to see as many cocks as u want. there's nothing wrong with that. it's not that u do it. u just sit and stare at something u like. and if u wonder what is it that u find so irresistable to a nice big cock, u can ask any girl and she will solve all your problems. in any case, there's nothing better than feeling a huge cock in your mouth, or stroking it well, or even make it cum for u, in your face.. have fun..