Girls + Sissies = B.F.Fs

a painful fact u 'll have to learn early on is how little a sissy has to offer real girls. as a boy they might have avoided u, been curious about u, maybe even attracted to u. now they might ridicule u, but mostly they 'll just ignore you. You don't offend them the way a sissy irritates a real boy. it can be frustrating not to be immediately accepted by the gentler sex, but over time, just as with boyz, u 'll find ways to get along with real girls (as annoying tag-alongs at first), but over time as little sisters they will tolerate.

what u won't have in common...

sure, as a sissy, u 'll have some resemblance physically to real girls, but not enough to ever pass as one of them (maybe with a lot of effort..). u see genetics and biology provide real girls with assets you only possess artificially. real girls have real breasts which develop naturally and are almost always larger, while yours are humble and obviously added "after the fact". real girls possess real femininity and the enormous confidence that comes with it. comparing ur "femme"-ininity to the power of real womanhood is the difference between a zirconia and a diamond. one is real and the other is a fake and always wil be no matter how convincing it may look from afar. and while u may still be attracted to pretty girls, they just wont be thinking about you in "that way" at all.

and what u will have in common...!!!

it isn't all negative though!!! first of all, as a sissy and therefore not a threat in anyway, u 'll be able to spend more time and be closer to real girls than u ever did before (as long as u share in the interests that they have). those interests will become ur interests as ur sisification intensifies. u 'll soon be able to chat daily about clotheS, how you both look in them, perhaps even sharing them! cosmetics, makeup and perfume will also be topics of avid talk in which u 'll soon be able to hold up your end of the conversation. popular culture such as the latest music, movies and television shows will be interests u 'll share (as long as u concentrate on boy bands, chick flicks and Oprah). soon you may even be surprised to be having animated chats about...boys!