Sissify Yourself: From bullying to teasing

at first as a sissy it will be hard for u to understand that u r not considered a real boy anymore, not at least by real boys! because not so long ago you were doing the things they do and thought things the way they do, u still think u r one of them, even if you do wear girly clothes and from behind look lots more like a girl than the boy you used to be. u 'll have to be patient and learn to use the skills and approaches real girls do when dealing with immature, curious boys.

from bullying...

at first, boys will naturally see you as unworth of being in their company and contemtiple. if you were a real boy could you have ever been turned into a sissy? in a way, they re right too. they 'll be repelled by the way you have adapted to your femininized reality so easily. u can protest how much you hate being a sissy all you like, but the dress u r wearing and the way you talk so sweetly to them just makes a liar out of you. because u r not a real girl, they wont have much compunction about hurting you. since u r too weak to defend yourself, u 'll have to do what the weaker party has to do. u 'll have to try to run away from them. next, try crying and hope help will come. finally begging sometimes results in being left alone.

...to teasing!!!

over time, most real boys will disgustedly avoid you. they wont see you as a team mate or friend at all. but then something interesting usually happens. u 'll find as you begin to resemble the girls more than the boys that some of the boys will enjoy gently teasing you, the same way they tease the real girls. if you think about it's kind of a compliment! u may find your long hair being pulled. your teddy bear or doll might become the focus of a tossing game between the boys. u might even find your bra strap being snapped or your skirt lifted by a boy curious in those panties of yours! teasing is a lot easier to take than bullying and it also demonstrates something else, u r getting pretty enough for real boys to bother u!!!