Sissify Yourself: Celebs in PVC

how u doin my little latex loving girlz? so let's start over.

do u like watching a woman in PVC?
can u stay calm when u see plastic?
do u find dominant women irresistable?
are u desperately in love with them?
do u obey women?
do u like to serve women?

well, i was surfing on the net and found some pics of celebs wearing PVC. i tought u would love to see them. maybe it would change ur opinion about some of them..

have a look at Paris Hilton for example. when u see her on TV most of the times she looks so stupid, but look at her now. don't u find her more attractive now? she looks so powerful that it just makes u want to kneel in front of her and obey her commands..

Filming on a commercial for Pepsi, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce look ready to kick some ass in these sexy matching leather catsuits. nice hah? so sexy divas..

Lindsay Lohan is another annoying brat hah? is she really?

the absolute goddess Lady GaGa..

and the absolute goddess Megan Fox..

see Paris Hilton again. isn't she perfect? can u resist her shiny leggings? would u make fun of her now, or would u kneel in front of her and kiss her boots?

when u see this picture there's nothing that can distract u more than these skin-tight shiny leggings..

i think by now you have changed your mind about Paris. she is not a stupid bimbo anymore for u,. she is an irresistible, powerful, sexy goddess. and u 'd love to be her toy.. wouldn't u?

Miss Paris and her boy toys..

do u love Nicole? it's time to start loving her..

or Miss Nicole if u like..

or Mistress Nicole even better..