Add a little wiggle in your walk

Listen up ladies. when u see a girl on the street walking by, where do u focus on? most men (ahh..) stare directly at their tits or their ass and they even make rude comments about them. do u like such kind of behavior? well the answer is DEFINITELY NO!!! even if in the past u used to check them out, now is the time to stop it once and for all!!! u should not be filthy like all guys!! we are better than them!! we r classy and elegant and we have proper manners. so, u NEVER STARE at a girl's tits or ass, because it is insulting and implies that u want to fuck her. do u want to fuck all the girls that walk by, big stud??? NO!! u r going to treat all girls with respect and u r going to try your best to copy everything u can from them.

so, when a girl passes by, u are to watch her ass closely.. as she wiggles and try to walk like her. one of the very first things that u have to learn is to walk properly. so u must add a little wiggle in your walk. u should do it with confidence, because it will give u class, elegance and let's face it, it's a statement! u will have to learn to pose at all times and wiggle your ass as much as you can. the more the better. if u don't want to make a clear statement to the world that u r sexy lil sissy from now, u should at least add a little wiggle. i'm sure it will make u feel hot as hell!! in addition, when u go out and u feel more naughty and u can hold it in, u can express yourself and wiggle like a sexy girl. after all u know that deep down u love to tease, don't u? is there a better way to tease, than to make everyone that sees u, focus on your hips as u walk by? be sure that it will attract some stares from the boys and it will make many girls feel like they can be themselves with you without the fear that u want to take advantage of them!!

so here are some tips on how to walk properly. enjoy. love u girls.