Sissify Yourself: Sissy Wishes

Hi Girls,
Being a sissy!!! How lovely and sweet it is to attain. Having been raised as a girl and a sissy forever, I thought that I might submit this note especially for the interests of new girls (or not!).

You must remember that being a sissy is a full and complete life, not a temporary lifestyle. It is important that beginning each day that you say to yourself, "I am a sissy and I need to be in my panties". During each day, it is not just the clothes that make the girl. It is a combination of mental and physical qualities that must be developed as well. Your feminine mannerisms such as sitting always with you knees together, walking that girly walk with short steps in line, always carrying your purse with you, using the ladies room sitting like a lady all contributes to getting that sissy feeling and aura directed to yourself as well as you outward appearance.

Do girly things! Play with your earrings, toss your hair, straighten your skirt, touch up your makeup. Others will watch you and see these things. You will soon be doing these things as naturally as a girl does. The purse thing is mandatory. Always carry your purse. It stamps girl, girl, girl all over your image. I believe in ribbons too. A cute little ribbon in your hair that matches your outfit is very feminine and shouts out that your are a sissy for sure. Change your panties at least twice a day. It is a pretty and fun thing for you to see yourself, and just another constant reminder that you are a girl.

Make it a point to interact with other girls too, and talk to them. Watch them too. They may do something you may want to imitate. Rub your girly hands gently over your nyloned knees just below the hem of your skirt. File your nails. All these girly actions increase your own feeling of femininity and attract female attention.

Some of you may be afraid to do such stuff out in public. But that's totally understandable!! You can still practise at home though!! There's nobody watching there!! It's only you and you alone! And you are free to do whatever you feel like! And believe me, feeling like a girl is like the best feeling in the whole world! And you are blessed to be that way! Because it's a side that most men will never get the chance to discover. So, feel free to do whatever pops into your head!

Wear a nice pair of panties. Put on some make up. Do your nails. Wear a skirt, a bra, anything!!

It will still be you!!!

My best wishes to every single lady!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New GIRLY Year!!!