Sissify Yourself: Pervert's Revenge

Hi, my name's Rob and my boss asked me to write to you to describe the amazing events that changed my life a couple of weeks ago.

It started shortly after I got engaged to Kelly. Kelly is absolutely gorgeous. She is 5'7", half-Chinese and half Italian with lovely olive skin, long black hair, brown eyes and an amazingly sexy figure including perfect 36C breasts that I loved.

Kelly and I met at work where I was her boss. There was an instant attraction and it was not long before we were dating. Every bloke at work was jealous of me, especially the guys who worked in the factory. The worst of these guys was Dave. He was an ugly, dirty, 50-year-old pervert who thought women were there to be leered at. He was so crude and vulgar, every woman in the office tried to avoid him. The space around his working area was covered with pictures of sexy celebrities and porno models but it was Kelly he lusted after most and he made no secret of it.

Whenever Kelly had to go into the factory Dave used to wolf whistle and then make dirty comments about how sexy Kelly looked. He was so disgusting he even told Kelly and myself how much he enjoyed wanking over her, how Kelly's body was made to be wanked over and what sexy fantasies he had over Kelly. Kelly used to tell Dave what a tosser he was and how she would not go near him if he was the last person on Earth, however Dave used to reply that made wanking over her hot body even better.

After two years of going out with Kelly I proposed on holiday. We loved each other so much and we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. When we got back we decided to have a celebration with our friends who also worked with us, so on the Friday after we returned home Kelly and I went out with Sophie, Olive and Jackie.

Sophie, Olive and Jackie worked with Kelly and myself. They were all really nice girls and we got on really well.

Sophie is 24 years old from Taiwan. She is 5'8" with long black hair and brown eyes. She has a stunning face with a lovely pert figure including long legs and a great ass.

Olive is 28 years old from Korea. She is 5'5" with short black hair, brown eyes and a sexy figure but it is her ass that every bloke used to talk about, naturally it also used to draw loads of perverted comments from Dave.

Jackie is 26 years old with long black hair, she is 5'6" with lovely big breasts. She used to dress very conservatively to hide them away and stop Dave and the other perverted blokes staring at her large breasts. Jackie is American but of Chinese heritage.

As it was a special occasion we decided to go to an expensive restaurant. We were having a great evening. The food was superb, the wine was flowing and everybody was so happy for Kelly and myself. Olive arranged for champagne to be delivered to our table and made a toast to our happiness, I looked into Kelly's brown eyes and kissed her as everyone else around the table cheered.

"Looks like everybody is having a good time," a voice interrupted. Our kiss was broken as we looked up and saw Dave approach the table.

"Dave, what the fuck are you doing here?" I replied.

"Oh I couldn't miss a chance of seeing these four horny bitches together," he responded with a smug smile as he scanned the bodies of Sophie, Olive, Jackie with his eyes resting on Kelly, especially her breasts.

"How did you find out we were coming here Dave?" I asked surprised he knew.

"Oh I had ways of finding out Rob," Dave replied in a cryptic manner. "Well you girls all look incredibly sexy tonight, I bet all the waiters will be wanking over you tonight," added Dave.

"Fuck off Dave," I said, "we could do without your crude comments, why don't you just leave us alone."

"Leave, with your girlfriend looking so sexy, never," responded Dave.

"Look you are not welcome here, "I added firmly. "Yeah Dave," said Kelly backing me up, "Rob and I are celebrating with our friends and we don't want you here."

"Tough Kelly," Dave replied, "because after you girls have teased me for so long tonight is payback time."

"Payback time!, Ha! Ha!" said Kelly sarcastically, "What can you possibly do to us?"

"Well," said Dave, "tonight I'm going to turn you bitches into dirty, lust driven sluts and I'm going to turn your precious boyfriend into an ugly wanker who you will find repulsive."

There was general laughter from everyone at such a ludicrous comment, "Oh Dave," said Kelly, "all that wanking has ruined your mind, you've lost it. How exactly do you expect to achieve this?"

"Well Kelly," said Dave, "yesterday I purchased this necklace," Dave paused to show us his necklace with a bright red diamond.

"It looks ridiculous," commented Kelly.

"That may be true Kelly, but it's about to give me my ultimate fantasy," responded Dave, " because it gives me the power to control other people's minds and bodies."

"Oh fuck off Dave," said Kelly.

"No way," replied Dave, "now let me see, I think I will start with your outfit Kelly. You look good in it but it doesn't show off enough of your hot body. I think you'll look better in this."

Dave clicked his fingers and suddenly Kelly was sitting next to me in just a skimpy black bra that was two sizes too small and barely concealed her breasts with a thong that was practically dental floss.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck," screamed Kelly as she looked down at her body realising how exposed she was.

"Oh fuck yes," added Dave, "that is fucking sexy Kelly. I've always fantasised over seeing you in such sexy underwear and it was worth the wait, you look so fucking horny."

"Dave, no, you wanker," I responded putting my arm around Kelly. "How did that happen?"

"You didn't believe me, did you," said Dave smiling. "that's just the start of it, the fun is only just beginning."

I looked around and noticed the restaurant was empty apart from Dave and us. I started to feel nervous. I thought I was imagining things but I had seen my girlfriend reduced to wearing the most revealing underwear I had ever seen her in and wondered what else Dave would do.

Dave smiled continuing, "Right girls," he said, "I bet Kelly is making you feel overdressed. I think we should put that right." Dave clicked his fingers again and once again Sophie, Olive and Jackie were in skimpy outfits.

"Fuck, nooooooooooooooo," was their collective reply.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, very sexy you teasing sluts but I think I need a better look, I think you three should stand over there," said Dave pointing to a spot near him, "and show me your sexy bodies."

Sophie, Olive and Jackie all got up and stood up as if on parade for Dave. Dave leered at them, taking in every curve.

"Oh yes, that is quite a show," added Dave, "you all look so fucking horny."

"Fuck off Dave," said Sophie who was wearing a skimpy red bra and thong, "you are a fucking wanker."

"Such a dirty mouth you possess Sophie," responded Dave, "but such a lovely one as well. You know I got so hard the other day watching you suck an ice-lolly I think I'll watch you do it again," Dave clicked his fingers and Sophie was holding a huge ice-lolly.

"Now Sophie, you're going to lick and suck on that ice lolly," instructed Dave, "but you are going to do it like a horny slut would suck a cock."

Sophie looked horrified but got hold of the ice-lolly and licked her tongue along it, then moved her tongue all over it.

"Oh yesssssss Sophie," encouraged Dave, "that looks so hot." He then moved onto Jackie who was in a white bra and thong.

"Wow, great tits Jackie," he said.

"Fuck off Dave," responded Jackie.

"You shouldn't hide away a great pair like those," teased Dave as he gawped unashamedly at them.

"Well I don't like ugly perverts like you leering at them like you are doing now," replied Jackie angrily.

"Oh pity," said Dave, "well I'm just going to have to put that right Jackie. From now on you will love showing off your tits. Getting leered at my lecherous men will make you so hot." Dave clicked his fingers and Jackie suddenly pushed her tits out for inspection. She still found Dave repulsive but loved showing off her tits, even to him.

"Oh that's much better Jackie, blokes should be able to leer at such a hot pair of tits," added Dave.

Dave moved onto Olive who was in a French Maid's outfit with a tiny skirt. "Oh yes Olive," added Dave.

"Watch it Dave," threatened Olive.

"Now Olive as all the waiters seem to have gone home to wank over you sexy bitches it looks like you have been left to clean up," Dave clicked his fingers again and Olive was left holding a duster. "Well Olive I think the floor around you needs cleaning, only you will find you can only bend from your hips."

Olive bent down to clean the floor, Dave leered as her skirt rode up revealing her ass to him. "Mmmmmmmmm Olive, no panties you tease but an ass like yours should be on show."

"Don't you dare look Dave, you pervert," shouted Olive.

"I can't help but look Olive," added Dave.

Dave then turned to Kelly and me. Kelly was sitting on my knee, with our arms around each other. "Ahhhhh the happy couple," he said sarcastically. Kelly and I looked at each other in shock at what was developing.

"You wait Dave, you'll regret this," not wanting to show Dave how fearful I was. Although I had seen things happen that I had no explanation for I had not been a victim of it yet, nor did I believe Dave could play with our minds, that was impossible I kept telling myself.

"Oh I don't think so Rob," he said assertively. "Let's see this body that Kelly raves about." Dave clicked his fingers and suddenly I was completely naked.

"Fuck Dave, how are you doing this?" I said as I realised how easily Dave had made my clothes disappear. I was proud of my body and Dave seemed to be surveying it.

"So how big is your cock then Rob?" Dave enquired.

"I'm not telling you Dave, that's private," I responded.

"Oh we can't have that can we," said Dave clicking his fingers, "from now on any questions I ask you or Kelly you will have to answer truthfully. Now Kelly how big is Rob's cock when it is hard?" Dave asked again.

Kelly looked at Dave, "It's...it's eight inches."

"Oh really," said Dave smiling, "and I bet you love Rob being that big don't you Kelly?"

"Errrr, yes when we make love it is so good," replied Kelly.

"Make love, Ha! Ha!, how sweet, I can assure you Kelly that from now on you will be fucking, not making love," laughed Dave.

"Shut the fuck up you dirty, fucking pervert," I said losing my temper.

"Oh dear Rob," chuckled Dave, "it doesn't feel good not being in control does it, well let's see your eight incher in all its glory."

Dave clicked his fingers and I looked down to see my eight-inch cock erect.

"Very impressive," mocked Dave, "but I think it's time to get my revenge for you always acting so cocky and superior to me by.....um...making you less cocky."

Dave snapped his fingers again and as I looked down I saw my cock had shrunk, it was now only three inches.

"Fuckkkkkkkk no Dave," I shouted. "Aaaaaaaaaaargggggggh," screamed Kelly.

"He!He!," laughed Dave, "that's much better, that will teach you for being so arrogant Rob, I bet you're really embarrassed by the size of your cock Rob."

"You wanker Dave," was all I could reply, "turn me back to normal now," I pleaded.

"Never Rob," said Dave, "you don't deserve a big cock." Dave turned to Kelly, "So what do you think of the size of Rob's cock now Kelly?"

"Well I'd prefer if it was bigger again, but I don't care Dave, I love Rob, the size of his cock doesn't matter," replied Kelly.

"Ahhhhhhh sweet," said Dave, "well I think you two should have one final kiss before I make it so Kelly never wants you near her hot body again."

I looked at Kelly, deep into her brown eyes and we kissed passionately. "I love you so much Rob," Kelly told me. "I love you too Kelly," I responded.

"How touching," mocked Dave again, "but for being such a cocky, arrogant wanker Rob, I'm going to make Kelly think you are the ugliest, most repulsive guy she has ever met. Oh and she'll have no memory of you having an eight inch cock, to Kelly you will be a small dick loser."

Dave clicked his fingers as I looked into Kelly's eyes. I was horrified as I saw her expression change. I had never believed Dave could actually change the way Kelly felt about me until now. "Aaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh," Kelly screamed, "get your hands off my body Rob," Kelly said jumping away from me.

"But Kelly," I said, "we're engaged, we love each other."

"We're not engaged anymore," shouted Kelly throwing the ring away, "and I don't love you, you're so ugly, the thought of you being near me makes me feel sick."

"Kelly you can't say that," I said despairingly.

"Yeah Kelly," added Olive, "you and Rob are so right for each other."

"Shut up Olive," snapped Dave, "all you three girls will have the same opinion of Rob as Kelly has." Dave clicked his fingers.

"Kelly, I love you, can't you remember that," I begged.

"Rob, why would Kelly want to marry a small dick loser like you," said Sophie. Jackie and Olive both agreed.

"Yeah Rob," added Kelly, "you'll never have this body again."

Oh fuck, I thought. Somehow I had gone from celebrating being engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world to Kelly thinking I was the ugliest guy ever. I also had gone from having an eight-inch cock to a tiny three incher in the space of 15 minutes. My worst nightmare was coming true.

"Well Rob, now you know what it feels like to have a horny bitch like Kelly find you repulsive, now it's time to make your ex-girlfriend the dirty little whore I have always fantasised over," said Dave smugly.

"Never Dave," said Kelly, "you're just as repulsive as Rob."

Dave turned to Kelly, "He!He! But Kelly when I click my fingers you will turn into the dirty, filthy, vulgar whore that I have fantasised over for so long and you will lust after me so much that you will do anything to become my fucktoy."

Dave clicked his fingers, Kelly smiled as she licked her lips. She cupped her tits, "Oh Dave, you're so fucking hunky," a look of pure lust came over her. Kelly reached around and removed her skimpy bra revealing her amazing breasts. She could not resist fondling them. Dave was leering at them like he always had done but now they were on show for him.

"Look what I've got for you Dave," said Kelly, "these are the 36C tits you've leered at for so long, they feel so fucking good."

"Oh Kelly they're amazing," agreed Dave, "so big and so firm with lovely bullet like erect nips, I can see you love showing them off."

"I love showing them off for studs like you Dave, you make my cunt so fucking wet," Kelly moved a hand inside her panties and started playing with herself. Her language was so crude and you could hear the lust in her voice. She was acting like a slut as she slipped off her panties to reveal her shaven pussy. It was too much for me take.

"Kelly, stop it," I pleaded, "can't you see what Dave's done to you, he's making you act like a slut. Can't you remember what an dirty, ugly pervert you thought he was, don't degrade yourself like this."

"Oh shut up you ugly, little shit," replied Kelly, "with my hot body," she said shaking her tits and playing with her pussy, "I should be a hot little whore and Dave is such a hot, fucking stud that will use me like the cumwhore I am."

Dave smiled, "Oh dear Rob, Kelly doesn't think much of your body anymore, I think we should compare it with mine." Dave clicked his fingers and was suddenly naked, however he had a huge cock that he got hold of and wanked, "there, that's better," he commented.

"Oh fuck Dave, it's fucking huge," gleamed Kelly, her eyes lighting up.

"It's 12 inches Kelly," replied Dave, "do you want it Kelly?"

"Fuck yesssssss, Dave, I need your cock so much," Kelly said fingering her pussy as she drooled over Dave's cock. "I'll do anything to suck on it."

"Oh yeah Kelly, I know you will," Dave replied. "Now be a good little fucktoy and crawl over here to suck my cock. When I click my fingers you will become an expert cock sucker who loves to swallow and every bit of my cum you swallow you will become more and more addicted to it."

Kelly got down on all fours and looked up at Dave, she licked her lips and began crawling over to Dave, her breasts swaying invitingly. "I want your hard cock so much Dave, I can't wait to suck on it. I was born to suck cock."

Kelly crawled up close to Dave, then looked up with her sexy brown eyes, now glazed with pure lust. She smiled, shaking her body slightly so her tits wobbled. Kelly was eyeing Dave's huge cock like it was the most important thing to her in the world.

Kelly knelt up and took hold of Dave's cock firmly then began to lick it all over, she cupped his balls as Dave moaned in pleasure. Kelly was never keen on sucking my cock but now she was loving every second of getting hold of Dave's huge dick.

"I'm a naughty cocksucking whore Dave, I love your big, thick, hard shaft. You're finally going to get it sucked by a hot, dirty bitch," moaned Kelly as I watched distraught at how she was acting, knowing there was nothing I could do to stop her.

"Oh yesssssss Kelly," moaned Dave, "that's it. Lick the cock that you've teased for so long. I've had so many wanks over this moment, now it's you worshipping my cock. Suck it bitch."

Kelly plunged her mouth into Dave's huge cock taking in his full 12 inches. Her mouth was full of cock as she slurped loudly. Her head moved about as Kelly tongued Dave hard. Dave could not resist getting hold of the back of her head and pushing it into his cock then rolling it around.

"Go on slut, you're such a fucking hot whore Kelly and a fucking great cocksucker," said Dave. Kelly seemed to love being treated rough, the moans of pleasure became louder as she put on her hot show for Dave.

Dave was clearly close to cumming as Kelly kept up her tongue-lashing. Dave's eyes were fixed on my ex-girlfriend sucking his huge boner. With a loud moan his cock pulsed and he let go of his jism. Kelly swallowed eagerly as Dave's cum filled her mouth.

Kelly finished Dave's cock off, licking him dry. She got up and looked down at her body seeing some of Dave's cum had spilt onto her tits. She could not resist scooping it up and licking it off her finger.

"You dirty fucking bitch," said Dave smiling.

"You taste so fucking good Dave, I could drink your cum forever," said Kelly.

"Oh good Kelly because you're a fucking amazing cocksucker," confirmed Dave.

"I know," agreed Kelly, "I've never sucked on a cock so big before, it felt so hot in my mouth."

Hearing Kelly talk so dirty was too much for me, "Kelly," I interrupted, "how can you act so slutty?"

"Because I'm a dirty, little cumwhore Rob. Dave makes my cunt so fucking wet I'll do anything to get a seeing to from his hot body."

I turned to Dave, "You wanker," I screamed, "you dirty, fucking, perverted wanker. I'm going to make sure I get you back for this. You can't get away with this, you can't..."

"Dave," said Kelly, "can't you make the ugly shit a dirty pervert who loves wanking off. He always mocked you for wanking so much I think he should experience what it's like to be teased by horny bitches out of his league."

"Kelly, no," I replied, "that's disgusting. It's so degrading."

"He!He!" laughed Dave, "what a great idea Kelly and so ironic Rob. Your ex-girlfriend wants you turned into an crude and vulgar pervert who loves wanking over hot sluts."

"Yeah," said Kelly, "that's all he'll be able to do, wank his tiny three inch cock because no girl will go near him."

"Kelly, how dare you say that, you used to love my body," I pleaded.

"Not anymore Rob, you're so ugly and repulsive," said Kelly before turning to Dave, "go on Dave, sort the ugly shit out."

Dave smiled, "Ok Rob when I click my fingers you will begin to wank your tiny cock. The more you wank it the dirtier your mind will get. Your mind will become full of perverted wank fantasies that you will love to describe out loud. You will love wanking over hot celebs, dirty porno stars but most of all you will love wanking over these four horny sluts, especially Kelly. You will love wanking over Kelly so much, she'll be your favourite wank fantasy and you'll be so jealous of me using her hot body living out your hottest fantasies."

Dave clicked his fingers. I looked around at Sophie, Jackie, Olive and Kelly. Suddenly I had an urge to wank my cock. I tried to fight it but it was just so tempting. I got hold of it and wanked it, leering at Sophie's hot body.

I began to fantasise over Sophie sucking my cock. I smiled as I thought of it, "Oh Sophie," I said, "I'd love you to wrap your sexy mouth around my cock," as I continued pumping my cock.

"That's disgusting Rob," responded Sophie, "you're so ugly I would never do that."

"Oh but you're such a horny slut Sophie," I found myself responding. Hearing Sophie say she found me ugly made me want to wank over her even more.

Then I began to leer at Jackie's hot body, especially her huge tits, "And I love your huge tits Jackie."

Jackie bent over subconsciously to show them off to me. Dave had programmed her earlier to love showing off her tits to lecherous men. I felt so good as I feasted my eyes on them. "I just want to get hold of them and grope them, then slide my cock into your cleavage."

"You can look but not touch Rob, I'd never let a bloke as ugly as you near my tits," said Jackie.

"You're such a cocktease Jackie, that's why I love wanking over you, it feels so fucking good," I added. Then I moved onto Olive in her hot French Maid's outfit. She looked so horny and my mind was suddenly in overdrive. These sluts were made to be wanked over and the more sordid the fantasy the better wanking my cock felt.

"Olive I'd love to bend you over that table and fuck your sexy ass, the thought of sliding my cock in and out of it as you screamed in pleasure, fuck me that would be good," I was getting so carried away.

"Shut up you dirty, fucking pervert," responded Olive, "keep your perverted thoughts to yourself."

"I can't help it Olive your ass was made to be wanked over," I didn't care what Olive thought about me, all I could picture was fucking her ass.

Then I started to leer at Kelly. Her hot body, her amazing tits. She had a body made for wanking over. "Oh fuck Kelly," I said as I furiously wanked my three inch cock, "you're so fucking horny, I'd love to get hold of your 36C titties again, to grope them while playing with your nipples."

My mind was full of dirty, perverted fantasies involving Kelly. I loved wanking my cock, Kelly had such a hot body I could have wanked over her forever, "then I'd love you ride my cock, your tits bouncing up and down in front of me invitingly."

As I leered at Kelly's hot body Dave took hold of her tits and groped them. I felt so jealous that he got to fondle her body while I had to resort to wanking my cock while dreaming up dirty fantasies. I looked at Dave, "Oh you're so lucky to be able to use the horny bitch like the hot slut she should be," I said.

Kelly smiled, "I'm the lucky one Rob, I've got a hot stud using me as his fucktoy, the way I was meant to be."

"I bet those tits feel so good in your hands Dave," I said imagining it was my hands groping them.

"They do Rob," responded Dave, "so big and firm with lovely bullet like erect nipples."

I was getting carried away, "Oh fuck yessssssss, I'd love to pound the hot slut's ass while groping those amazing tits. Oh fuck yesssssssssss," I continued, "while Kelly screamed my name out loud, telling me what a hot, fucking slut she was and how much she loved my cock." I could hold back no longer, with one final load I spilt my load onto the floor as I continued leering at Kelly.

"Oh fuck," I said, "that felt so fucking good."

"You really are a dirty, perverted wanker aren't you Rob," said Kelly.

"Oh yes," I replied, "I love wanking over you hot sluts, you've all got bodies that make my cock so fucking hard, I have to wank off over you."

"Well," said Dave, "you're in luck Rob because I'm just about to turn all the girls into bisexual sluts who will lust after each other and me as much as Kelly does now, and I'm going to let you stay and watch."

My eyes lit up, "Oh thanks Dave," I said, "seeing these horny sluts put on a hot porno show will be so hot."

"No Dave, you can't do that," complained Olive, "you've gone too far now."

"He!He! I'm only just beginning Olive," responded Dave.

"Dave," screamed Sophie, "you fucking pervert."

"Yes he is a pervert Sophie," agreed Kelly while playing with her cunt, "but he is a fucking hunky pervert with the most amazing cock ever and you three girls are so fucking horny. I can't wait to get hold of Olive's ass while you lick my cunt out."

"Sounds so fucking hot Kelly," agreed Dave, "let's get this started. Right girls after you have teased me for so long when I click my fingers you will turn into dirty, vulgar, lust driven, bisexual sluts who lust after each other and me as much as Kelly does."

Dave clicked his fingers and as with Kelly the expression on all the girls' faces changed. Sophie smiled cupping her tits, "Oh fuck Kelly," she said, "you're such a fucking hot bitch, I want you so much." Sophie discarded her bikini quickly as Kelly laid down and spread her legs wide apart.

"Come over here and lick me out Sophie, I want your tongue on my clit," instructed Kelly as she played with her cunt. Sophie knelt down in front of Kelly's cunt staring at her cunt. "Such a hot fucking shaven pussy," said Sophie as she plunged her tongue in. Kelly let out a moan of pleasure as Sophie moved her tongue about on her clit.

"You taste so good," Sophie told Kelly as she licked her cunt eagerly. Meanwhile Olive was watching feeling herself getting hornier and hornier. She moved in closer to get a better view. Seeing Olive move in Kelly called out, "Get that maid's outfit off Olive and let me get hold of your hot ass."

"Oh fuck yes, anything for such a fucking hot slut," said Olive as she stripped off. Olive positioned her ass level with Kelly's face. Kelly moved her tongue along Olive's hot ass. "Mmmmmmmmmmm," said Kelly, "it tastes even better than it looks." Olive wriggled about as a wave of pleasure went through her. "Oh yes Kelly, taste my nasty ass, it was made to be licked by sluts like you."

Dave was watching the hot lesbian show developing in front of him. Jackie saw him on his own and seized her chance. She removed her bra and thong to display her huge tits and shaven cunt. Jackie approached Dave, getting his attention. Dave's eyes went straight to Jackie's tits, "Go on Dave," said Jackie, "leer at my big tits, they are on show for you, there's nothing gets me hotter than a stud like you ogling them."

Jackie got hold of Dave and tongued him passionately, pressing her huge tits against his body. Her hands groped Dave's ass. "I'm going to show you what a hot, little whore I am Dave." Jackie laid down on the floor, she got her feet and moved them up Dave's legs until they were level with his cock.

Jackie moved her feet up and down Dave's cock. "Oh fuck yes Jackie, you love the feel of my cock don't you," said Dave.

"It feels fucking amazing," said Jackie quickening the movement of her feet while cupping her tits.

Meanwhile Kelly's screams were getting louder as Sophie lapped at her cunt. "Oh fuck yes, eat my pussy Sophie, oh fuck yes, I'm such a nasty bitch."

Sophie lapped at Kelly's clit, teasing it with her tongue while she slipped a finger into Kelly's ass. Kelly squirmed as she felt Sophie's finger forcing her tongue further into Olive. Suddenly Sophie hit Kelly's g-spot, her hips buckled as Kelly let out another stream of obscenities.

"Oh you dirty cunt licking whore," moaned Kelly as she neared orgasm. Olive kept her eyes fixed on Sophie licking Kelly out. "Oh yeah Sophie, get Kelly really horny, the hornier she is the better it feels when she licks my ass."

Jackie was building up the pace of her feet as they wanked Dave's huge cock. "Come on Dave," pleaded Jackie, "cover me in your hot cum, I want it all over my tits."

"Oh yeah you dirty slut Jackie," moaned Dave. He was watching the lesbian show at the same time as having his cock wanked by Jackie's feet.

"Go on Sophie, make Kelly scream like the whore she is," Dave encouraged. Sophie looked up at Dave, "I am Dave," she responded, "I want her fucking cunt juices so much."

Kelly's body was writhing up and down in pleasure as Sophie licked even more frantically. "OH FUCK YESSSSSSS, SOPHIE, I'M A FUCKING WHORE, MAKE ME CUM LIKE THE SLUT I AM," Kelly moaned before going back to tonguing Olive, who was playing with her cunt wile having her ass licked.

Suddenly Kelly reached an almighty orgasm, she was certainly screaming louder than I had ever made her, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK OLLLLLLLLLLLIVIIIA, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," yelled Kelly as her body exploded in passion.

Sophie lapped at Kelly's cunt juices, eagerly tasting her. Dave was clearly enjoying the show as Jackie's feet wanked his cock. His moans became more frantic and he was close to cumming. Jackie responded, "Come on Dave, you hot stud. Cover me in your hot cum, I want it all over my hot tits."

"Oh fuck Jackie, I'm going to cover your hot body with my cum," Dave took hold of his cock and wanked it aiming it at Jackie's huge tits. Once again he spilt his load, covering Jackie's tits. "Oh yesssssssss Dave," moaned Jackie, "that feels so fucking good."

With Jackie's tits covered in Dave's fresh cum Kelly took her opportunity. "Oh Jackie, you are such a lucky slut having your tits covered in Dave's hot cum, I have to taste it again." Dave smiled knowing he had made Kelly addicted to his cum.

Kelly moved in quickly, licking Dave's cum off of Jackie. Her tongue elicited a moan from Jackie whose tits had suddenly become really sensitive. "I'm such a dirty whore Jackie, I love licking the cum of a hot stud off the tits of another hot slut."

Kelly took her time scooping every bit of Dave's cum off of Jackie's tits before she teased Jackie's erect nipples with little strokes of her tongue.

At the same time Dave's 12-inch cock was already hard again. He approached Sophie, "Look's like you made my whore even hornier Sophie," he said.

"Eating her cunt out felt so amazing Dave, her juices taste so good and to make a hot slut like Kelly orgasm like that makes me so fucking wet," replied Sophie who was openly playing with her cunt.

"Oh good," said Dave, "because for making Kelly cum like the slut she is, you're going to be the first whore to get my cock in their cunt tonight."

"OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," squealed Sophie. "I want your cock so much Dave."

Dave smiled, "I can see that Sophie, now be a good little slut and get on the table, spread your legs and offer me your cunt like a whore should do."

Without any hesitation Sophie obeyed. She laid back on the table, spread her legs obscenely wide apart and continued playing with her cunt. "Come on Dave, put your 12 inches in here," pleaded Sophie, "I want you to fuck my cunt so much."

Dave moved up close to Sophie, his eyes not leaving her hot body. "Fuck me Dave, fuck me," Sophie kept repeating.

Dave got hold of Sophie's hips and rammed his cock into her hot cunt. I wanked my cock fantasising it was entering the pussy of such a hot, fucking bitch, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME HARD," screamed Sophie.

"Take my cock Sophie, take my huge 12 incher you hot fucking whore," said Dave as he fucked Sophie hard. She was clearly enjoying Dave's cock so much.

Olive was looking on jealously at Sophie as she took the cock of a stud like Dave, She was playing with her cunt, her eyes glazed with lust. As Dave paused Olive looked into Sophie's brown eyes. "What does it feel like Sophie, to have Dave's 12 incher pound your cunt?" she asked.

"Oh it feels like nothing I've felt before Olive, my body is on fire. I just want to be a cheap slut forever getting fucked by studs like Dave," replied Sophie.

"Oh you will be Sophie," said Dave as he playfully slapped Sophie's ass as he fucked her. Sophie yelped as Dave continued slapping her hot ass. Sophie's tits jiggled invitingly with every thrust of Dave's cock. Sophie looked lust ridden at Dave, who was telling her what a dirty, whore she was.

Kelly was still sucking hard at Jackie's nipples, Jackie's moans of pleasure getting more and more frantic. "Fuck Kelly, keep sucking on them, it feels so fucking good," she moaned as Kelly played with her wet cunt. Kelly moved her tongue around on Jackie's tits. Dave had made Jackie's nipples as sensitive as her clit and Kelly wanted to make Jackie cum. As she gently bit at her nips Jackie exploded in a massive orgasm, screaming out the name of Kelly at the top of her voice, "Yeah cum for me you horny slut," Kelly encouraged.

As Jackie recovered she stared longingly at the horny bitch that had just made her have her most powerful orgasm ever. Jackie pulled Kelly towards her and started to kiss her passionately, the intensity was so strong as she teased her tongue around Kelly's eager mouth. Jackie moved her hands to the back of Kelly's head forcing her tongue further in as her other hand explored Kelly's firm tits.

Sophie was close to cumming as well as Dave fucked her hot cunt. His thrusts became quicker and his moans more frantic. Sophie's screams filled the room as she pleaded with Dave, "fill me with your cum, Dave. Fill my hot cunt," she begged.

"Take it bitch," Dave kept repeating as Sophie's tight cunt squeezed his cock. Sophie's orgasm was rising and as her hips bucked Dave let go of his jism filling Sophie's cunt with his juices. "Oh yessssssssssssssss," sighed Sophie as she laid on the table panting, "that was fucking amazing Dave," she added clearly stunned at how powerful her orgasm had been.

"Oh yeah Sophie," agreed Dave, "you make a great fuck-toy, just like you were meant to be with that body."

Meanwhile Jackie wanted to return the favour to Kelly for making her orgasm. "Right slut, I'm going to make you scream like a whore now."

Jackie worked her way down Kelly's body. She began to lick and suck her lovely tits, playing with her erect nipples that elicited a sigh of pleasure from Kelly. Jackie continued down Kelly's body. Kelly spread her legs wide apart as Jackie kissed, licked and sucked around her cunt.

Jackie could resist no longer as she pushed her hand into Kelly's wet cunt and began to finger fuck her. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssssssssssssss, that's soooooooooo good," moaned Kelly as Jackie built up her rhythm.

"You like that don't you slut," said Jackie as she looked at the lust written all over Kelly's face.

"Oh yeah your fingers in my cunt feels so fucking hot Jackie, go on treat me like the whore I am," pleaded Kelly.

I was wanking my cock so hard to the hot lesbo scene in front of me. I kept wishing that I had treated Kelly like a whore she was when we had gone out. Her body was made for fucking, sucking and licking. Dave had the right idea by making her and the other horny bitches fucksluts.

Jackie got her tongue to work on Kelly's cunt, teasing her clit as Kelly's moans got louder. She began screaming out Jackie's name as Jackie lapped at Kelly. "You taste so sweet and horny Kelly," said Jackie. "Oh fuck Jackie don't stop that, lick me out you cunt loving whore," squealed Kelly.

Jackie continued relentlessly as Kelly's body gyrated in pleasure. Jackie looked up at Kelly, "I told you I'd make you scream like a whore," she said with pride at making Kelly's hot body gyrate to her rhythm.

By now Dave was watching and wanking his hard 12 incher. Dave looked at me wanking my tiny three incher and smiled no doubt reflecting on the night's events. "Nothing like two horny sluts going at it is there Rob," he commented.

"Oh no Dave, it's so fucking hot. Kelly and Jackie have such hot bodies and Jackie is really giving it to Kelly. She's screaming like a filthy whore," I agreed.

"That's because Kelly is a filthy whore Rob," said Dave, "my filthy whore."

"I know," I replied looking at Dave jealously, "you're so fucking lucky to have that sexy slut lust after you and being able to make her perform all your favourite wank fantasies."

At that moment Kelly looked at Dave, "Oh Dave," she said, "Jackie's so fucking hot, she's licking me out so good and making me feel like such a hot, little whore."

Jackie turned round to Dave, "She tastes so fucking good Dave, I love being a cunt licking whore."

"I know Jackie and with a body like that you should be as well, you were born to lick cunt," added Dave.

Jackie paused from licking Kelly out and looked at Kelly who was panting from the pounding she was receiving. Jackie smiled, "now to finish you off," she said grabbing hold of one tit and grinding it into Kelly's wet cunt.


It seemed to have the same effect on Jackie who was also screaming as her nipple pushed into Kelly's cunt, "FUCK YESSSSS, TAKE IT YOU SLUT, TAKE MY TITS IN YOUR HOT CUNT."

Jackie got hold of her other tit and pushed that into Kelly's cunt. It was too much for Kelly whose hips buckled and she orgasmed again, "OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK, JACKIE, YESSSSSSSSSSSS, I'M SUCH A FUCKING SLUTTTTTTTTTTT."

Jackie could hold back no longer and orgasmed as Kelly's cunt juices covered her tit, "OHHH FUCK KELLYYYYYYYYYYYYY, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING HORNY," Jackie screamed.

Dave laughed, "He!He! Jackie. It looks like your tits are really sensitive," he said.

"Oh they are Dave," said Jackie, still panting, "they felt like they were on fire in Kelly's hot cunt."

It was too much for me watching Jackie grind her tits into Kelly's cunt and I came again leaving another puddle of cum on the floor.

Dave turned around, "Oh dear, all a bit too much for you eh Rob," he commented.

"Oh fuck yes it was Dave. Seeing Jackie shove her amazing big tits into Kelly's hot cunt was so fucking dirty. And seeing Kelly scream like a slut made it even hotter," I replied.

"Looks like you're a fully fledged pervert now Rob," said Dave.

"I am a dirty, pervert who loves wanking Dave," I responded, "I just cannot control myself in front of these horny sluts. I love thinking up dirty wank fantasies so that I can wank my cock, it feels so good."

"I can see that Rob," said Dave wanking his huge cock himself and now I am going to let you decide who I fuck next. It's like you are directing your own porn film."

My eyes lit up, this was amazing. I looked around at the hot sluts and thought about what would make a great scene in a porno. "I think you should fuck Olive up the ass Dave, it looks so fucking hot," I suggested.

"Yeah I agree Rob," said Dave looking at Olive, "Well go on Olive you hot slut offer me your hot ass."

Olive laid over the table with her ass pointing towards Dave, she turned around at Dave and smiled sexily. Olive took hold of her ass, "Come on Dave, fuck me up the ass like the whore I am. My hot ass needs your hard cock."

Sophie looked on, "Oh yeah Olive, Dave's cock felt so good in my cunt."

"Oh fuck, yeah Sophie," said Kelly, "come over here and I'll taste Dave's hot juices from your cunt."

Sophie fondled her tits as she eyed Kelly up and down, "Only if I get to taste your cunt juices from Jackie's hot tits."

"Oh fuck yeah," said Jackie, "another hot slut playing with my tits. I love being a hot, big titted whore."

Sophie laid down offering Kelly her cunt as Jackie dived on top of Sophie thrusting her tits into her face.

Kelly began licking Sophie's cunt out, tasting her cunt juices mixed with Dave's cum which had just filled Sophie's cunt. "Oh yessss Sophie, that tastes fucking amazing," moaned Kelly as she parted Sophie's cunt lips and thrust her tongue further and further in.

Sophie was busy licking Kelly's cunt juices from Jackie's tits, her mouth clamped firmly over one of Jackie's tits. Jackie was squealing, especially as Sophie sucked harder the more Kelly lashed her tongue into her cunt.

Dave had moved up close to Olive as she fingered her hot ass, "Please Dave," Olive begged just like Sophie had done before, "put your 12 inch cock in my ass. I know you've wanked over it, my ass is all yours now."

Dave pushed his huge cock into Olive's ass, "Go on Olive, take my cock in your ass, how does that feel you teasing slut?"

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck Dave," gasped Olive, "that feels fucking good. I can't believe I've never had a cock in my ass before, I'm such a whore."

Dave began to pound Olive's ass as her screams got louder. Olive could not resist grinding her ass back against Dave's thrusting cock.

I watched as Dave fucked Olive's ass wanking my cock. I felt so lucky to be able to see this sexy slut acting like a complete whore. Suddenly I was obsessed with her ass.

Kelly continued to lick Sophie's cunt playing with her own tits as her tongue teased Sophie's clit, "Oh Dave's cum just tastes better and better," she said as her addiction grew. Jackie's nipples were being licked and sucked my Sophie whose tongue rolled her hard nips around. Sophie groped Jackie's tits at the same time.

"Oh Sophie," moaned Jackie, "suck my titties, your tongue feels so good, oh yessssssssssss, lick my nipples."

Dave was really fucking Olive's ass hard now, "Oh it's so nice and tight slut," he said as Olive's screams become more frantic, "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DAVE, FUCK MY ASS, I'M YOUR DIRTY FUCK-TOY."

"You're a cumwhore Olive, a dirty fucking cumwhore. I'm fucking your ass Olive, tell me how you feel."


Dave was relentless, giving Olive's body a huge seeing to. He knew the only reason she was there was to be fucked, fucked like a whore.

Olive switched between fondling her tits and playing with her cunt, she was close to orgasm as her screams filled the room.

Meanwhile Kelly was lapping her tongue in Sophie's cunt, she was eliciting moans of pleasure as Sophie's body bucked up and down. "Oh fuck Kelly, you're such a fucking hot cunt licking whore," moaned Sophie, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssssss, keep your tongue there, fuck that's hot."

Jackie was pressing her tits hard into Sophie's face as Kelly continued licking Sophie's cunt. "Keep licking my tits Sophie, oh fuck I love that, suck my nipples."

Sophie continued to move her tongue over Jackie's tits, gently biting her nipples drawing yelps of delight from Jackie.

The three girls were locked together on a three way lesbian fest, their minds working overtime to be as dirty as possible.

Olive continued screaming as Dave fucked her ass, suddenly she had an almighty orgasm, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, DAVE," she screamed.

Dave let go of his cum filling Olive's ass, "FILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ME DAVE, FILL MY HOT ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS."

"Oh fuck take it you hot slut," moaned Dave as Olive's ass was filled with his cum. It was too much for me as I came once again imagining it was me fucking Olive's amazing ass.

Dave sat down next to me, smiling and wanking his huge cock. He looked so pleased with himself, "Oh fuck," he said, "what an ass to fuck."

"Really," I said, "what did it feel like?" I asked, I desperately wanted to find out every detail.

"Oh Olive's ass felt so tight," replied Dave, "and my cock slid in perfectly."

"You're so lucky Dave," I said, "Olive was loving the way you pounded her ass, she screamed so loud."

"I know," agreed Dave, "she's a hot fucking whore and loves having her body used like a slut."

"So does Jackie," I added, "look at her grinding those tits into Sophie's mouth, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck that is hot," I got hold of my cock again, wanking it as I fixed my eyes on Jackie's hot tits.

"Yeah," said Dave, "they are so big and firm and she loves having them licked."

Jackie screamed out loud as she had yet another orgasm just from having her tits sucked. At the same time Kelly hit Sophie's g-spot making Sophie writhe up and down, biting Jackie's nipples even harder.

As the girls recovered Kelly moved towards Dave. I leered at her hot body while Kelly eyed Dave, "Oh fuck Dave," she said, "I'm a dirty lesbian whore, Olive, Sophie and Jackie are so fucking horny, they make my cunt so fucking wet."

"I can see that Kelly," responded Dave, "you're a hot, little fucktoy aren't you."

"I am your horny fuckslut Dave," agreed Kelly as she fondled her tits and played with her cunt, "and I want you to fuck me like the whore I am Dave."

I was wanking my cock fantasising over Kelly, I wanted to fondle those hot 36C tits, and feel my cock in her cunt. I felt so jealous as she begged Dave to fuck her.

Dave smiled wanking his own cock, "You can't resist me can you Kelly," he said so arrogantly.

"No I can't Dave," admitted Kelly, "you drive me wild Dave, I lust after you so much, I'll do anything to get hold of your hot body and get fucked by your huge 12 incher."

"He!He!" replied Dave, "Well Kelly it's time for revenge. After teasing my cock for so long, I'm going to make you suffer. You'll going to have to wait for my cock while I fuck Jackie."

Kelly looked distraught, "No Dave," she said, "Fuck me! Look at my body," Kelly pushed her tits out as she played with her shaven cunt, "this is the body you have wanked over for so long, it's all yours Dave, make your wank fantasies come true."

As I heard Kelly beg Dave I had to interrupt, "I'll fuck you Kelly," I said, "I'll give you a good seeing to, you're so fucking horny Kelly, you get my cock so hard."

Kelly looked at me and laughed, "What the fuck are you talking about Rob?" She said, "Do you really think I would let an ugly shit like you near this body? You're a repulsive wanker Rob with the tiniest cock ever, you're the last person on Earth I would fuck, it's Dave I lust after, I'm his whore."

"Oh dear Rob," said Dave, "it looks like Kelly is not attracted to her ugly geeks with three inch cocks, you'll just have to resort to making up your own dirty fantasies involving Kelly and wanking your tiny cock over her."

I was wanking my cock as I leered at Kelly imagining she was a sexy lap dancer stripping for me, "I am masturbating over Kelly, I just can't resist it."

"I know, and while I fuck Jackie neither will Kelly because when I click my fingers Kelly you won't be able to resist spreading your legs wide apart and masturbating over me but you won't be able to orgasm. However your mind will be filled with dirty fantasies involving me and you'll play with yourself like a filthy slut should do."

Dave clicked his fingers and Kelly laid down spreading her legs wide apart. She began fingering her cunt, moaning out loud as she stared at Dave then shut her eyes in pleasure. Kelly was cupping her tits as well as fingering her cunt, "I want to fuck you sooooooooooooo much Dave," she pleaded as she finger fucked herself.

How Dave could resist a body like Kelly had when she was begging to be fucked was beyond me. I was almost cumming from just watching Kelly masturbate.

"Right Jackie," said Dave, "why don't you get your hot body over here and fuck me."

Jackie's eyes lit up. She moved over to Dave fondling her huge tits. "I want to fuck you so much Dave, this hot body is all yours."

Jackie climbed on top of Dave, forcing her tits into Dave's face. Dave buried his head into Jackie's cleavage. "Go on Dave, play with my tits. You've leered at them for so long, they're all yours now," pleaded Jackie.

Dave got his tongue to work licking and sucking all over Jackie's tits as Jackie guided her cunt into Dave's huge cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk Dave, you're so fucking big. Feel your 12 inches in my hot cunt," moaned Jackie.

"You love that you little slut, ride me Jackie, ride my huge cock," instructed Dave. Jackie obeyed, the motion of her body on Dave's cock made her tits bounce up and down as Dave licked her tits.


At the same time Olive had her eyes on Sophie's hot ass. She was fingering her cunt, "Sophie, come here you slut, I want your hot body."

Sophie smiled as she strutted over to Olive, "Ohhhhhh yesssss Olive, my body is all yours."

"Bend over Sophie, I want your hot ass," instructed Olive. Sophie bent over and Olive began fondling her ass, then she began to lick along Sophie's ass, "Ooooooooooooooooh, yesssssssssssssss, get your tongue in my ass," squealed Sophie.

Kelly was still playing with her cunt, looking like she was desperate to cum but although she was feeling so horny she could not cum, "Ohhhhhhhh Dave, I need you, I need your cock so much, put it in my cunt, ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss," she moaned.

Jackie continued riding Dave's cock as Dave grabbed hold of her huge titties. "GRAB MY TITTIES DAVE, MY PLEASURE MOUNDS ARE YOURS, I LOVE HAVING THEM GROPED."

I watched intently, Jackie's tits were so big and firm and I was fantasising over being able to grope them like Dave was doing, "Oh Dave what do those huge tits feel like?" I asked.

"So big and so firm Rob," replied Dave, "perfect to grope while having my cock fucked by this hot slutty whore."

Jackie arched her back as she screamed louder, increasing her motion on Dave's cock, "OHHHHHHHHHHH DAVE, I'M A DIRTY FUCKING BITCH, A COCK LOVING WHORE."

Olive was continuing to give Sophie a tongue lashing, "Oh your ass tastes good," moaned Olive as Sophie pushed her ass back into Olive's tongue as she fingered her cunt.

"Get your tongue in there, ooohh you're making me feel so naughty and slutty Olive," said Sophie.

Both Sophie and Jackie were close to orgasm, Jackie desperately wanted Dave's cum filling her cunt, "FILL MY CUNT DAVE, I WANT YOU TO FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR JISM, GET YOUR 12 INCHES RIGHT IN MY CUNT."

Dave was moaning as well, "Oh Jackie you're a cock loving bitch, my cumwhore, I'm going to fill you with my cum, tell me how much you want my cum."

"I'M A DIRTY FUCKTOY DAVE, FILL MY CUNT DAVE, OHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCKKKKKK DAVE, FILL MEEEEEEEEEEEEE," screamed Jackie as she reached another powerful orgasm, triggering Dave's cock as he filled Jackie's cunt.

"Oh fuck Jackie, take my cum, you hot big titted slut," said Dave as he let go of his jism.

Seeing Jackie cum as Dave fucked her forced me over the edge as well as I spunked again. I looked down on the floor seeing it covered in my cum and was proud of my work. I loved wanking my cock and being a dirty pervert, I just wanted to wank myself off all the time.

Sophie reached another orgasm as Olive licked her ass, "Oh you hot slut," moaned Olive as she made Sophie cum, she licked away at her cunt juices.

Kelly was playing with herself frantically, screaming in lust as she kept repeating Dave's name.

Jackie collapsed in lust as she fingered her cunt before licking Dave's cum off her fingers.

I looked at Dave as he wanked his hard cock again, "Oh Dave, I wish I had your body, you've fucked Sophie and Jackie's cunt and Olive's ass, you must feel so horny."

"Of course I do," replied Dave, "I'm treating these sluts like the whores they are, and now I'm going to give your ex-girlfriend the seeing to she needs."

"Oh fuck yes Dave," I said, "Kelly is so fucking horny, fuck her like a slut. Look at that hot cunt, it needs to be pounded."

"Right girls," said Dave, "now for the moment I have wanked over ever since I started working with all of you. Sophie, Olive and Jackie, you're going to spread your legs wide apart and masturbate, remembering how I've given you all the best fuck you've ever had. You won't be able to orgasm until I say you can."

Straight away the girls got up and then laid back down next to each other spreading their legs and each began fingering their cunts.

"Oh that is a horny sight," said Dave wanking his cock, "now Kelly, how much do you want to fuck me?"

"I want to fuck your body soooooooooo much Dave, I'll do anything to fuck you. I've teased your cock for so long but now I deserve to be treated like the fuck whore I am. Pleasssssssssssse make me your cumwhore Dave and put your huge 12 inches in my cunt," begged Kelly.

"Oh but Kelly you have teased me for so long?" said Dave clearly enjoying teasing Kelly.

"But now I'm your dirty, filthy vulgar whore Dave, your lust driven slut," responded Kelly. Kelly was fondling her tits, tweaking her nipples, the lust in her voice evident. "Fuck me Dave, fuck my hot slutty body pleasssssssssssssssssse," Kelly continued.

"Kelly, you were made to be fucked, I'm going to fulfil one of my favourite wank fantasies," said Dave getting up and laying down on the floor. Dave resumed wanking his cock, "Come on Kelly, ride my huge cock, I know you can't resist me. Fuck me Kelly, like the dirty whore you are."

Kelly got up immediately, "Oh fuck yesssssssssssss," she moaned. Sophie was rubbing her cunt hard, "Oh fuck, go on Kelly, give Dave a good hard fucking, his cock felt so good in my cunt."

"Oh yeah," added Jackie, "and mine, not only has Dave got a huge 12 inch cock he really knows how to use it."

Kelly straddled Dave's body, then slid her cunt into Dave's huge cock, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yesssssssssssssssss," Kelly sighed in pleasure as she felt her cunt being stretched by Dave's huge tool.

"Oh fuck Dave, your cock feels fucking amazing in my cunt," said Kelly savouring Dave's 12 inches for the first time.

Dave took hold of Kelly's body, groping it, "Go on Kelly ride my cock, show me what a dirty bitch you are."

Kelly began riding up and down on Dave's cock, panting in pleasure as she built up her rhythm.

"Fuck yesssssssssssssss, Dave, your cock is making me feel so fucking horny," said Kelly as she gyrated her hips riding hard on Dave's cock. It penetrated her cunt hard as she thrusted in and out.

I watched wanking my hard three incher as Kelly screamed in wild abandon, her 36C tits bouncing up and down as she rode Dave harder and harder.

Dave reached up and grabbed Kelly's tits fondling them roughly. Kelly seemed to love having her tits mauled by Dave, who responded by fondling her pleasure mounds even rougher.


Dave continued to play with Kelly's amazing jugs, as he teased his fingers over her very erect nipples. This elicited even more moans from Kelly.


"Oh Kelly," responded Dave, "you have no idea how badly I have wanted to fuck you like a whore."


Kelly was now riding furiously up and down fucking Dave yelling Dave's name continually. Sophie, Olive and Jackie were finger fucking themselves frantically, moaning as they watched Kelly get a hard fucking.

"Fuck him hard Kelly," said Sophie, "feel Dave's hard cock in your cunt."

"Fuck Dave," said Jackie, "Kelly is like a bitch on heat, she's definitely your filthy whore now Dave,"

"I'M DAVE'S WHORE! I'M DAVE'S WHORE!" repeated Kelly.

I continued wanking my cock. My ex-girlfriend was acting like a complete slut and I was loving watching her perform.

Kelly moved thrusting her tits into Dave's face, Dave responded licking and sucking them as Kelly moaned, "LICK MY TITTIES DAVE, SUCK ON THEM HARD, OH YESSSSSSSSSS, THAT'S HOW I LIKE IT."

"Oh fuck Kelly, you're a slutty big titted whore," said Dave as Kelly's tits pushed hard into his face and willing tongue. Kelly's nips were so erect as Dave teased his tongue around them. Dave gently bit at Kelly's nips, "AHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YES DAVE, I'M YOUR FUCK-TOY, I'M SO FUCKING HOT FOR YOU."

"You are my fuck-toy Kelly, your body was made for fucking, fuck me harder Kelly, make me cum for you," instructed Dave.

Kelly responded riding Dave's cock even harder. Her hands alternated between fondling Dave's chest and playing with her tits, "FUCKKKKKKKKK, DAVE, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I WANT YOUR CUM DAVE, I WANT IT IN MY CUNT SO MUCH, GET YOUR 12 INCHER CUMMING FOR ME."

"Oh, yesssssss, Kelly," moaned Dave, "I told you I'd make you a dirty, filthy, vulgar whore. I love it when you talk dirty for me."

Kelly was moving up and down on Dave's huge cock with unbridled lust by now. Her 36C tits bouncing relentlessly as her eyes shut briefly in a desperate attempt to keep control but it was obvious she was close to an almighty orgasm.


"Cum for me Kelly, cum for me now," instructed Dave. It was like a switch went off inside Kelly as her hips gyrated and she shouted out, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK, DAVE, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FILLLLLLLLLL MEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMING."

Kelly reached a massive orgasm triggering Dave's cum, "Take my cum Kelly, take it all in your cunt," said Dave as Kelly felt Dave's jism fill her cunt. At the same time Sophie, Olive and Jackie were all having massive orgasms, the sound of horny women cumming filled the room. I could not hold back either letting go of even more of my jism from my three inch cock.

"FILL MY CUNT DAVE, FILL IT WITH YOUR CUM, OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I'M YOUR CUMSLUT NOW," continued Kelly, her face showing an expression of complete lust and submission to Dave.

"Yeah Kelly, you're my cumwhore now, my lust driven slut," said Dave as he fondled Kelly's tits once again.

Dave looked at me and smiled, "Well Rob, it's looked like I got my payback, I've turned your ex-girlfriend into the dirty, lust driven slut I have always fantasised over and you're a ugly wanker who Kelly finds repulsive."

"Oh Dave," added Kelly, "I can't believe I ever liked Rob, he is sooooooo ugly and he has such a ridiculously small cock. My body was made to be fucked by a stud like you Dave with a huge cock. I've just been given the biggest seeing to I've ever had and it made me feel so fucking horny."

"You fucked Kelly so hard Dave, you're so lucky to fuck her like the horny slut she is," I said, so jealous that Dave got to use such a hot body like he owned it.

Kelly looked around at Sophie, Olive and Jackie who were all just recovering after mind-blowing orgasms. "Wow," she said, "that was one great fucking I just had."

"Oh Kelly," agreed Olive, "it was a fucking hot show you put on. You were so fucking slutty."

"Yeah," said Sophie, "you seemed to love getting a good pounding from Dave's 12 incher."

"And you used your body so fucking well," said Jackie, "it was like watching a porn show."

"It hasn't finished yet," said Dave, "I'm going to fuck Kelly's hot ass."

"Fuck, yesssssssssss, Dave, your 12 inches in my ass is already making me feel so fucking horny." Kelly was playing with her cunt, before licking her fingers clean, tasting Dave's cum which had just filled her cunt, "Oh I'm such a fucking filthy bitch, I love being a slutty cumwhore."

Kelly bent over the table showing off her ass. I stared at it, imagining it was me just about to shove my cock in there. Kelly slid a finger along her ass, "Come on Dave, fuck my ass, it needs your cock so much," Kelly said.

Dave wanked his cock making Kelly beg for him to fuck her ass. "Go on Dave, make me your anal whore," Kelly pleaded.

Dave got up and moved close to Kelly, "You're a fucking slut Kelly, get ready to take my cock in your tight ass."

"Oh yessssssssss, stick your 12 incher in my ass Dave, pleasssssssssssse fuck me Dave, I'm your sex slave here to serve your every need," Kelly said.

"I know you are," agreed Dave, "they way hot sluts with hot bodies were meant to be." With that Dave forced his cock into Kelly's ass. As he did Kelly squealed out loud.

"He!He!" said Dave, "Is this the first cock in your hot ass?" He asked.

"Yeah Dave, you are the first guy to put his cock in my ass, hot studs should get to fuck my ass," said Kelly.

Dave pumped Kelly's ass, his hands moving from Kelly's slender hips to her tits. Kelly begins to scream once again, "FUCK DAVE, POUND MY ASS, FUCK IT HARDER, OHHHHHHHHHHH , YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS."

"Go on take it, you anal slut," said Dave as he groped Kelly's amazing tits. Kelly pushed her ass back against Dave's cock as she grabbed hold of Dave's hands helping him fondle her tits. "I'M YOUR CUMWHORE DAVE, WATCH ME PERFORM FOR YOU, I'M A DIRTY FILTHY WHORE WHO LOVES IT UP THE ASS."

Kelly looked at Sophie, Olive and Jackie watching her ass get a pounding as they masturbated again, "Oh girls," she said, "you have to be fucked in the ass by Dave's 12 incher, it feels so fucking hot."

Olive smiled as she thought about Dave fucking her as earlier, "Oh yeah Kelly, you're an anal whore now just like me."

Sophie was pushing four fingers into her cunt, "Oooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssssss, I can't wait to be anal whore now. Kelly looks so fucking hot."

Dave was relentlessly fucking Kelly's ass now and Kelly was in the throes of passion, "GRAB MY TITTIES DAVE, I'M A DIRTY WHORE DAVE, FUCK MY ASS, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH DAVE, YESSSSSSSSSSSS."

Kelly was close to yet another orgasm as Dave fucked her hard. With one almighty scream Kelly grabbed hold of the table and came so hard, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FILLLLLLLLLL MEEEEEEEEEEEE DAVE, FILLLLLLLLLLL MY ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS."

Feeling Kelly grind back against his cock made Dave cum, "Oh fuck Kelly, take my cum you slut, oh fuck yesssssssssss," yelled Dave.

Like last time all the girls orgasmed at the same time filling the room with yelps as they imagined Dave fucking them in the ass. It was too much for me as once again I spilt my cum.

As Kelly recovered she turned to face Dave, "Oh thank you Dave, thanks for making me your cumwhore," she began to kiss Dave passionately pressing her body hard against him as Dave groped the amazing body.

He looked around surveying the scene around him as he groped Kelly's hot tits. I was leering at Kelly again wanking my cock as the girls got up and joined Kelly. Four hot sluts desperate to pleasure him now surrounded Dave.

"Oh Dave," I said, "I wish I had your body and cock then I could give these sluts the fucking they need. What was it like fucking Kelly's hot ass?"

"It was great, just the way a good whore like Kelly should be fucked. She performed even better than in my wank fantasies," replied Dave.

"Right girls," said Dave, "it's time we went back to my place. We have plenty of fantasies to fulfil during the weekend and Rob," Dave said looking at me, "it's time you went back to your place, only when you get back you will find it will have changed considerably from how you left it earlier."

I thought back to earlier, it seemed so surreal to think of it now. When I had left home earlier I was living with Kelly and we were engaged. We were going out to celebrate our engagement with Sophie, Olive and Jackie. Now Kelly thought I was the ugliest, most repulsive guy she had ever met and lusted after Dave, a 50 year old guy from work who before tonight was the most disgusting pervert she had ever met. Dave had also made Sophie, Olive and Jackie lust after him and given me a tiny cock. However instead of being upset I had just watched a live sex show involving Dave, Kelly, Sophie, Olive and Jackie and had been wanking my cock furiously.

I looked at Dave, a slave to whatever he was about to instruct. He continued, "You will live in a den of porn, just the way a dirty pervert like you should live Rob. It will be full of porno films and mags and pics of sexy celebrities. The carpet will be covered in cum where you cannot hold back wanking. The walls will be covered with pics of women you wank over and you will write down all your favourite wank fantasies."

Dave clicked his fingers, suddenly I wanted to get back home and wank my cock. I got up, "I better get back home," I said to Dave, "thanks for letting me watch such a horny show Dave, I'll be wanking over that forever."

"Well Rob, here's a recording of the evening," Dave said handing me a video, "to help you remember tonight's events."

"Wow thanks Dave," I said taking it, "I'll watch it as soon as I get home. See you Monday."

I then turned to the girls, "See you girls, I'm off to wank myself off fantasising over your hot bodies, imagining I'm fucking you all, especially you Kelly, you're such a fucking horny bitch."

"Fuck off Rob," said Kelly, "I'm going to be fucking Dave all weekend, this hot body is all his now."

I left clutching the video and got a taxi. As it drove me home I was so hard thinking of watching the video. I could not resist playing with myself. I got in the door to my place and looked around. It was unrecognisable. There were porno mags all over the floor and the wall was covered with pics. I smiled, I loved my place, and there was access to pics of hot sluts everywhere.

I stripped off immediately and started to watch the video. I looked down at my cock, which was rock hard. I desperately wished my cock was bigger again, it looked so tiny. The video showed all the nights' events.

I watched in amazement as Dave shrunk my cock and made Kelly think I was ugly and repulsive but I was so horny as I saw Kelly, Sophie, Olive and Jackie put on a hot show for Dave. I could not stop wanking my cock and I came loads before I went to bed.

I spent the weekend wanking my cock. My head was constantly filled with dirty fantasies involving celebs, porn stars and the sexy sluts at work. By the end of the weekend the carpet was covered in cum including a hot wank session where I phoned a sex line and the girl had pretended to be Kelly as I fucked her.

By Monday I was desperate to get to work to see Kelly and the other hot sluts. As I got ready I was so hard and could not resist buying a couple of porno mags on the way to work.

I got to work and went to my office however I could not motivate myself for work. What was the point when I could wank my cock over these hot sluts? I was delighted when Jenny walked into my office. Jenny is 21 with long blonde hair, 34D tits and a hot body. She could not make it on Friday.

My eyes went straight to Jenny's tits, she was wearing a tight blue top although I was fantasising over Jenny wearing a tiny string bikini.

"Hi Rob," said Jenny, "I just wanted to congratulate you on your engagement to Kelly. It's great news."

"Oh you haven't heard," I replied.

"Heard what?" enquired Jenny.

"Kelly and I split up on Friday. Dave gets to fuck her hot body now," I said.

"What?" replied Jenny in complete shock, "But Dave is a dirty, old, ugly pervert. Kelly hates him."

"Not anymore," I said, "Kelly is a dirty, filthy whore and she lusts after Dave."

Jenny was appalled, "Rob, that's disgusting. You and Kelly are so much in love, she can't lust after an ugly pervert like Dave."

"Kelly has a body made for fucking Jenny, just like you and Dave can give her the seeing to she needs," I was still staring at Jenny's hot tits, "and you've got a body made for fucking Jenny, those are great tits."

"Rob, how dare you talk to me like that, you sound like Dave," said Jenny but I just could not help it, she was a hot slut who made my cock so hard.

"He!He!" said Dave walking in suddenly, "What's wrong Jenny? Is Rob being a dirty pervert?"

Jenny turned to face Dave, "What the fuck is going on Dave? What have you done to Rob and Kelly?"

Dave smiled, "Well Jenny I'm glad you asked, you see this necklace."

Dave showed Jenny the same necklace he was wearing on Friday.

"It looks fucking awful," responded Jenny.

"That maybe true Jenny but it has special powers that give me ultimate control of other people's minds and bodies."

Jenny laughed, "You're talking shit Dave, there's no such thing."

Suddenly Kelly walked into my office. She was wearing a low cut vest top that revealed so much of her amazing cleavage, a ridiculously short skirt and five inch high heels. She looked every bit the hot slut.

As soon as I saw Kelly I felt even hornier. I started playing with my cock through my trousers, "Oh fuck me Kelly," I said, "what a fucking horny outfit, you are such a hot whore. I had so many wanks over you this weekend."

"That's because you're a disgusting pervert Rob," replied Kelly, "and while you were wanking your tiny cock I was fulfilling my dirty fantasies with Dave, Sophie, Olive and Jackie."

Dave looked at Jenny, "Still think I'm talking shit Jenny?" He mocked.

"This can't be happening," said Jenny, "this really can't be happening."

"Oh it is Jenny," said Dave, "believe me it is. You see, on Friday I made a surprise visit to the restaurant where Rob and Kelly were celebrating. I decided to use my powers to finally get what I had always lusted after, Kelly."

"You wanker Dave, Rob and Kelly are perfect for each other," Jenny responded.

"Not anymore Jenny, Rob was such an arrogant tosser, treating me like I was a useless shit," added Dave, "I thought I would make his precious Kelly think he was the ugliest, most repulsive guy ever."

"That's fucking disgusting Dave," said Jenny.

"I know and I loved seeing the look on Rob's face as he realised I had made Kelly think he was so ugly." Dave had such a smug look on his face as he described Friday's events, "Then I made Kelly the dirty, filthy slut I had wanked over for so long."

Kelly moved up close to Dave rubbing her body up against him, "Oh yeah Jenny, I'm a dirty whore. I love being Dave's cumslut, I'm his horny sex slave."

Dave groped Kelly's tits as Kelly moaned, she clearly loved being fondled in public, "This hot body belongs to me now, free to use as I like, Kelly is such a good slut, she even suggested I make Rob a dirty pervert who loves wanking his cock. Look at him, the ugly little shit can't control himself." My cock was so hard as I alternated between leering at Kelly and Jenny.

Jenny looked at me rubbing my cock openly through my trousers as I ogled her tits imagining they were barely covered by a tiny blue bikini, "Rob's not ugly Dave, he's a hunk. You're the ugly pervert."

"Oh yeah Jenny, you may think that at the moment but when you see Rob's cock you'll have the same opinion of him as Kelly," said Dave clicking his fingers.

"Now Rob," said Dave turning to me, "tell us why you are leering at Jenny so intently."

I felt so horny, "Oh Dave, Jenny is so fucking horny, she has great tits. I'm fantasising that Jenny is wearing a tiny blue two-piece bikini like the one she told Kelly she bought a couple of months ago, only much smaller."

"You mean like this Rob," said Dave clicking his fingers. Suddenly Jenny was in the exact blue bikini I was fantasising over. It was so tiny, the top barely covered her huge tits.

"Aaaaaaaaaaargh fuck," shouted Jenny as she looked down to see her outfit completely change, "you wanker Dave, change my outfit back now," commanded Jenny.

Dave and Kelly both smiled, "Never, you look far too sexy and besides I think Rob would be very annoyed at me if I changed your outfit back," said Dave. "Yeah, tits like those should not be hidden away in boring work outfits Jenny, they should be on show for everybody," added Kelly.

"Oh yes," I continued, "I'd love to see you stripping for Kelly, Jenny. Your tits rubbing up against Kelly's amazing jugs. Then Kelly would grab hold of your titties, fondling them as you moaned in pleasure." I was getting carried away as Jenny's bikini top strained to hold her huge titties in.

"Dave, change Rob back to normal now," pleaded Jenny, "you can't make your boss do this."

"I can and I will," said Dave, "it's revenge for the way he strutted around when he was going out with Kelly, thinking he was so superior. Now he's the one who can't control his cock."

I could not control my cock, I unzipped my trousers then dropped my boxer shorts to wank my cock openly. I did not care where I was, I just had to wank it, "Oh Jenny," I said, "you'd love Kelly sucking on your tits wouldn't you."

Jenny looked at me, her eyes widened, "Fuck off you ugly, little pervert, you are so disgusting wanking your tiny cock. I'd never let you near this body."

"That's why I love wanking over you Jenny, you make my cock so hard. Thinking about Kelly licking you out as you fondle your tits. Oh fuck, two hot sluts together makes me so fucking horny," I kept on wanking my cock, the image of Jenny and Kelly together vivid in my mind. I could hold back no longer, with one final tug on my cock I came, "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss," I said as I looked around at my audience.

Jenny looked at Dave, "Can't you sort out the little shit Dave, he's a disgusting wanker."

"Yeah," replied Dave, "our boss shouldn't be a filthy wanker with a tiny cock. When I click my fingers I'll be the boss and everybody will think Rob is the ugliest, dirtiest pervert who works in the factory."

Dave clicked his fingers, suddenly he was in my seat while I was standing in my overalls.

"That's much better," said Dave, "so Rob how's it feel not be the boss anymore?"

"I don't mind Dave," I said, "I just want to ogle these hot sluts, they make me so fucking horny I can't resist wanking off over them."

Kelly went to sit with Dave, "Oh Dave," she said, "Jenny is making me feel so fucking horny in that bikini, my cunt is so wet."

"Oh yeah Kelly," agreed Dave, "she does look very hot, I suppose you want me to make her another one of our sluts."

Jenny looked horrified, "No, you can't, I'm not into girls, it's not right, it's disgusting."

Kelly was fondling her body as she ogled Jenny. "It's not disgusting, what could be better than two horny bitches like you and Kelly going at it."

"Oh yessssssss," moaned Kelly, "I just want to get hold of those tits."

"Fuck off, both of you, how dare you treat me like this," pleaded Jenny but Dave was not going to let her get away from him.

"You sure are feisty Jenny," responded Dave, "but when I click my fingers you will become a horny bisexual slut who lusts after hunks like me and sexy sluts like Kelly. In fact Jenny when I click my fingers you will lust after Kelly so much you will be completely submissive to her. You will do anything to please her."

"Nooooooooooo, fuck off Dave," said Jenny but Dave clicked his fingers and inevitably the expression on Jenny's face changed, "Ohhhhhhh yesssssssssss I am a slut," Jenny leered at Kelly gently biting her lip, her nipples stood out through her tiny bikini top. "Ohhhhhhhhh Kelly, you are so fucking horny, I want your body so much."

Kelly smiled as she spread her legs even wider apart and played with her cunt, "Jenny, make me a happy slut and show me those amazing tits of yours," said Kelly leering at Jenny's body.

Jenny reached around and slipped her bikini top off showing off her pleasure mounds. I gawped in awe at another great pair, my cock was rock hard. Dave was also admiring Jenny's great figure as was Kelly who Jenny could not take her eyes off.

Jenny shook her tits before groping them hard, "Here they are, my 34D's on show for you." Jenny moved up close to Kelly.

"Oh Jenny, they are such a hot fucking pair," said Kelly as Jenny shoved her tits into Kelly's face. Kelly began to lick and suck at Jenny's nipples as she groped her tits.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Kelly, keep doing that, that is so fucking good," moaned Jenny as Kelly kept up her tongue lashing of Jenny's bullet like erect nips.

I already had my cock out and was wanking it again at the sight of two horny babes getting it on together. Dave was also clearly enjoying the show and he whipped his 12 incher out to wank himself off.

Kelly kept sucking on Jenny's nipples, her tongue flicking them up and down as she worked her hands down Jenny's body to remove her bikini bottoms. "Oh fuck Kelly, I'm your slut, keep doing that to my titties."

Kelly carried on sucking on Jenny's tits as Jenny was getting more and more worked up. Seizing her opportunity Kelly pushed Jenny onto Dave's desk, "Spread your legs Jenny, I want to see your hot cunt on display."

Jenny obliged moving her legs wide apart. Kelly moved in quickly with her tongue, thrusting it in and out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss, that is so fucking horny Kelly," panted Jenny.

Kelly looked up at Jenny, "You taste so good," she said before carrying on tonguing Jenny's clit. Jenny's moans got more and more frantic and she could not resist groping her huge tits.

"FUCK KELLY, KEEP YOUR TONGUE THERE, THAT'S SO HOT, LICK MY CUNT, OH YESSSSSSS," screamed Jenny as Kelly kept up her relentless pace. I was wanking my cock furiously as the fantasy I had described just minutes earlier came true.

Kelly continued her tongue lashing as Jenny's body bucked up and down. Jenny tweaked her nipples as her screams got louder, "OH KELLY, I'M YOUR SLUT, LICK ME HARDER, OH FUCK KELLY, I'M YOUR WHORE."

Kelly knew Jenny was close to cumming, as her brown eyes leered at the look of lust on Jenny's face, "Cum for me, you dirty, little whore," Kelly said as she licked even harder. It was too much for Jenny, "FUCK KELLY, I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMING," she yelled as her whole body shuddered to a massive orgasm. Kelly licked at Jenny's juices. It was too much for me and I came once again. Dave was wanking himself off as well and as he came he grabbed a glass and filled it with his cum.

"Oh Kelly," said Dave, "that was quite a show you and Jenny put on. Look at how horny you got me," he continued showing Kelly his cum filled glass.

"Oh Dave," said Kelly, "Can I taste your cum again? It always tastes so good."

Dave smiled, "For making me so horny Kelly, you can taste my cum."

Kelly took the glass from Dave and gulped down his cum licking the glass dry, "Mmmmmmmmmm, that tastes amazing," said Kelly.

Hearing the screaming from Dave's office, Sophie, Jackie and Olive walked in together. I could not believe how slutty they looked. Jackie was in a vest top that barely covered her tits while Sophie and Olive had skirts on that made it obvious they had no panties on.

Sophie saw Jenny playing with her tits writhing about on Dave's desk, "Oh yesssssssss, look at Jenny girls she looks so horny, I can't wait to get hold of those tits."

Kelly smiled, "Jenny's my slut girls although I can't wait to share her with you."

"She looks so fucking hot," said Olive, "and I'm feeling so fucking horny," Olive fingered her cunt, "I just want to be fucked by hot studs and horny bitches all day."

"Oh fuck, yeah," said Kelly, "our bodies were made for fucking, we should be doing it all day."

Dave smiled, "What a great idea girls, how about I make this a company that makes pornos where you hot bitches are the stars, along with me of course. Rob can be the cameraman, he knows what dirty perverts want to see in their films."

"Great idea Dave," said Jackie, "blokes all over the world will be able to leer at my tits and wank off over them," Jackie groped her tits as she said it, the idea clearly made her so horny.

"Oh yesssssssssss," said Sophie jumping up and down, "I can't wait to be a porn star. I'll be such a dirty whore."

"We all will be," agreed Kelly, "guys will wank over us all the time."

"And we'll get to fuck Dave as part of our job, I feel like such a lucky slut," added Olive.

I was also feeling horny, the idea of filming these hot bitches fucking every day had my cock so hard, "Oh yes, go on Dave," I said, "I can't wait to see more of these hot sluts fucking."

"Ok," said Dave, "let's make this company one that makes porno's." Dave clicked his fingers and as we all looked at each other Dave was about to give his instructions.

"Right then, pay attention sluts," said Dave. All the girls turned to face Dave waiting on his every word.

"Our first porno will be 'Cheerleader Sluts' I think, I know I've fantasised about all of you as Cheerleaders and I think it will be very popular," said Dave clicking his fingers again.

As I looked around every single girl was dressed as a Cheerleader. Jenny, Jackie and Kelly each showing off their cleavage while Olive and Sophie had tiny skirts on.

"Oh yes," said Dave, "you all look so fucking horny. Right your first scene will be all of you practising with me as the coach you all lust after."

I was naked holding my camera in one hand and my hard cock in the other. This was my ideal job, a chance to see these horny sluts naked and fucking.

So that's my story of the events that changed my life. I'm so grateful to Dave for giving me the chance to see his hot sluts so often. I love wanking over them so much and have already built up my own library of porno films involving them. In fact I'm just about to watch one of them now, where Dave fucks Kelly, Jenny and Olive up the ass. Oh fuck it makes me horny just thinking about it.