Male mind VS Female mind

boys and girls have basic differencies in the way they see the same things. for example, if u put one boy and one girl side by side and u show them one picture, the eyes of the boy will naturally go to one thing and those of the girl to another. that's because boys and girls are turned on by oppossite things. if u show them a hot guy and a hot girl, the guy will instantly stare at the girl's tits or ass and the girl will instantly go for the guy's crotch and muscles. it's as simple as that. sissies on the other hand, tend to appreciate the same things that girls do.

sissies, by nature are not attracted to a nice pair of big tits for example. they admire them in a way that a girl would admire them, but they don't get turned on by the sight of them. while guys get an instant hard on! on the other hand, both girls and sissies are attracted by nature to the sight of a big hard cock. so the moment they see it, they instinctively feel something in their crotch. it's an impulse that comes naturally in them and they can not do anything to stop it.

u can see out how much of a sissy u are but checking out your natural reactions to the sight of different photos. an already sissy girl will go for the hot studs and their big fat cocks, while a boy in the process of sissification will instinctively stare at the girls's tits and asses first and then they will stare at the cocks.

the point is that if u r not a complete sissy u 'll have to alter your natural reactions to match those of the girls's. u r not a real girl if u don't think as one! because every photo sends a message to the minds of both men and women and u have to receive the right one!

for example, those photos send different messages to the male and the female minds.

by watching those photos the male mind instinctively sees a hot girl with huge tits covered in cum. it's a picture that instantly makes him hard. in addition, he watches her sucking on a cock while grabbing her tits. looking at this situation, the male mind starts having some thoughts. he starts thinking how much he would like to be the one doing this to her and how much he wants to put it in her mouth and cum in her big tits. apart from that, he is thinking how much he wants to fuck a slut like her with huge tits and how nice it is to put his cock in such a girl's mouth.

as for the other part, the male mind barely notices the guy. the guy doesn't even exist for him.

on the other hand, by watching those photos, the female mind sees a big, hard cock cumming in a girl. it's a picture that instantly makes her a little wet. in addition, she watches him grabbing his cock and notices that his has nice, big balls. looking at this situation, the female mind also starts having some thoughts. she starts thinking how much she would like to be the one doing this to him. she is thinking how sexy it is to tease a guy with her mouth and make him all hard and ready for her. apart from that, she is thinking how sexy it is to suck a guy off (maybe brings in her mind about one or two past experiences that she liked) and make him explode in her tits. finally, she may be having some thoughts about how she would suck on his balls too.

as for the other part, the female mind notices the girl (at the end) but for very different reasons. fisrt of all, she tries to downsize the girl in every way she can. she notices her tits but she is thinking that they are way too big (which she doesn't approve of), then she notices her hair while thinking that they are not anything special, then her nails which she finds to be a little jealous of and finally she notices the expression of the girl (with her open mouth and all) which is way too slutty and repulsive for her.