Sissify Yourself: It's all relative

from the day they are born, boys and girls are treated in an opposite way from the society. for example everyone tries to instill boys a love for big tits and round asses, while a girl is filled with thoughts about big cocks and huge biceps. the question is : how would it be if boys would learn since childhood to crave big cocks and girls to love round asses? in that case, we would have straight men (as nature commands..).

searching for big fat cocks and straight women trying to seduce other women! it's all a matter of how one is raised and treated by societyit is a fact that men would never be the way they are now if they were raised otherwise. they are all "macho" because society has made them believe that this is how a man should be. they only look for girls with big tits and round asses because society has made them believe that this is what turns them on. they only care for sports because this is how they "should be". they don't care for beauty and fashion because everyone would laugh at them! imagine a guy putting his make up on in front of others. he would be instantly doomed forever!!

the thing is that it's all relative!

if a guy is shown these pics 

from his early years and everybody passes him the messages that "big tits are hot" and "big tits turn u on" and "u will always trying to find girls with big tits to fuck", then from that moment on he will become a "tits man" or an "ass man" cursed for all his life to hunt big titted women to fuck! it will be imprinted in his mind that he loves big tits and he will respond accordingly. so every time a sexy woman shows him her cleavage, or wiggles her ass a lot, he will instantly get hard for her and he will desperately want to put his cock in her.

on the contrary, if a guy was shown these pics instead and was passed messages like "big cocks are hot" and "big cocks turn u on" and "u crave big cocks to suck all the time", then he would still be a straight guy, but from that moment on he would desperately start searching for big cocks to suck!

if u take any "wannabe macho" boy from his early years and u keep sending him the message that big cocks are sexy and that it's perfectly normal to crave huge cocks to suck, then after some years u would have a nice little "macho" cocksucker. it's so simple to make all men attracted to cocks. u just have to replace all their beliefs with new ones.

u just replace the word "cleavage" with the word "bulge" and u r there. instead of teaching them that touching a nice pair of tits is a turn on, teach them that touching a nice pair of balls can make them cum their pants. teach them things like "there's nothing like giving a handjob to a big cock" or "u love it when your face is covered with cum". fill their minds with images of big, fat cocks and make them drool every time they get to see one.

and that applies to everything..

if society wants, then every little thing that we now take for granted can (and should) be altered! for example, is there any real reason why men don't like the color pink? no. it's because since birth, boys are dressed in blue and girls in pink. if society starts dressing both boys and girls in pink then when they grow up, they will both love this color. simple as that! and we would have pretty couples dressed in pink, as both girls and boys would be so familiar with that color.

society has decided that women are the weaker sex and men are the stronger sex. we all know that women don't like it at all. is there any real reason why they don't make the change? if everybody, since day 1, make boys think that THEY are the weaker sex, then they would inevitably start behaving as such! and they surely would! they would know deep down in their hearts that no matter how much they protest, they are the weaker sex. and if it would come to prove the opposite, they just wouldn't be able. they would feel inferior in front of women.

we 'll talk more about these at later posts, but one thing is for sure. society can do wonders! for example, as a sign of masculinity it is for a guy to have big cock or big muscles. so a guy is proud of his big cock. why not change this? boys can be taught that the best asset they have is their ass and they have to show it off as much as they can. and in addition to that, they can be taught that big cocks are a disgrace and it's something they must be ashamed of. in that case, if every mother starts teaching her son to wiggle his ass nicely to look masculine, then we would have every male in the world trying to seduce women by wiggling his ass. moreover, we would have them trying to hide their big cocks by wearing the appropriate clothes. if a guy "knows" that his crotch must look flat, then he would do anything to look as "society" wants.. (although we would have a paradox : guys would try to find big cocks to suck, but it would be a difficult task, because everybody's crotch would look flat!!)

flat crotches as the new signs of masculinity? why not...?