Sissify Yourself: Hints, hints, hints

let's say u look like the average guy. u have a normal job, normal friends and there's seems to be nothing out of the ordinary for you. the thing for you is that although nobody suspects anything, deep down you are a little sissy/faggot, a fairy if u 'd like. so, u go to work and u pretend to be an all male/macho man, while inside u, there is a burning need to embrace your feminine desires and act like a little girl. but you can't!

u watch your female colleagues talking about their nails, their hair, their clothes and u can't join them. instead, u have to join your male colleagues who are talking about sports, women and other male stuff that you find so unbelievably boring.

u stare at your female colleagues all cute, elegant and ladylike while u have to be the complete opposite. u are so jealous of their appearance, their clothes, their manners, u love the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they stand, the way they sit, the way they act. u absolutely love everything about them.

and the worst of all is that, no matter how much u admire them, they still think of u as a "threat". u see, since u are a "guy", they are "afraid" of you. they don't feel free to talk with you, or hang out with you, because u may want to fuck them!

so we have :

a)the boys, that you so desperately want to avoid, since they bore you to death.

b)the girls, that you so desperately want to approach, since u love them to death and finally c)you, who must be a "boy" outside, but who is a "girl" inside!

so what can you do? u want to feel femme, but in the same time u don't want to jeopardize your job or anything else.

the magic answer here is : "hints"

there's a huge number of little things you can do to embrace your femininity while staying a "boy". these are called hints! hints are slight indications of a fact. that means that you keep acting, talking, walking, dressing etc as a real man, but you start giving people some slight indications of being a sissy. that way, noone will be able to accuse you of being a sissy, but rumors will start spreading in the office. the amount of signs that you will give to people is totally your choice. one thing is for sure though, the more hints you give, the more rumors will be spread about you. for example:

  • if you wear a black shirt every day to work, noone will ever say anything about you.

  • if you wear a pink shirt once in a while, noone will ever say anything and you will feel better..

  • if you stop wearing black shirts and replace them with pink, yellow and fuschia shirts, noone will accuse you of being a sissy and you will feel pretty. although some people will start wondering..

  • if you start wearing panties to work, noone will notice and you will feel more comfortable. although, you have to be careful for panty lines..

  • if you paint your toenails you will feel so girly

  • if you paint also your nails with a clear nail polish, you will feel absolutely in heaven. although some female colleagues may notice..

  • if you put on a little make up, more women may notice..

  • if you start hanging out with your female colleagues more, you will feel perfect!

  • if you also start talking about female stuff, your female colleagues will feel more comfortable with you. although, they will start seeing you only as a friend..

  • if one of your female colleagues is very sexy and provocative, make it clear to her and her friends that you don't see her that way at all. try and make her your BFF. it will make you feel "one of the girls" and let's face it, the girls will know by now..

  • if you hang out with your female colleagues and one of them makes fun of your masculinity, don't get mad at her. just smile..

By now, all your female colleagues will know that you are "one of the girls" and their behaviour towards you, will be changed accordingly. They will not think of you as a "threat" anymore and so you will be accepted at their circle. They will be totally comfortable with you around, because they will know that you can't fuck them! You can be invited in their homes, talk about girly stuff and do whatever you girls like!!

Wasn't it your goal from the beginning?

Here are 10 things you can do to promote the sissy cause :

1. Wear clear nail polish at all times

2. Wear feminine clothing to work

3. Tweeze your eyebrows

4. Shave all masculine hair (face, chest, legs, armpits etc)

5. Grow your hair (and style it up)

6. Wear womens stockings

7. Wear panties (get rid of your male underwear)

8. Wear toenail polish and sandals

9. Wear feminine jewelry like bracelets, necklaces or two matching earrings

10.Develop feminine mannerisms