Sissify Yourself: Girls love cocks

one thing is for sure: guys and sissies don't think the same way at all! when it comes to sex, sissies are turned on by totally different things than men. first of all, it is a fact that their minds play a crucial part in their sex life! sissies tend to think a lot and they think weird stuff. it's not that bad.. for example, while guys can get a hard on just by watching a girl with big tits, sissies "wet themselves" with different stuff. stuff that normally turn the girls on. that's why sissies can not resist to a nice big cock..

many sissies may not want to admit it to themselves or to the others, but when they see a cock, they forget everything and they become horny as hell. sucking is something that sissies absolutely love. they would do anything to have a cock in their mouths. and it's not to blame them. if u ask any girl, she would tell u that cocks are sexy, hot and beautiful! why not to agree with that?

that's why u see one cock (guy) and many girls around him. because it's a simple rule of nature. girls tease guys with their assets and guys respond easily by getting all hard and ready to put it somewhere! the thing is that sissies also love to tease with their assets, because they love to make guys hard! and that is something that they have in common with girls. cocks are sexy. all the girls know it. and all the sissies know it too..

see how they stare at it..

how they go for it..

how they can't get enough of it..

one goes for the balls, one for the head and the other two just lick it..

how they can't wait to be fed..

and how happy and fulfilled they are now!