Sissify Yourself: Blonde or Brunette?

One of the best parts of being a girl is experimenting with your look – and that includes hair color! Changing your hair color or trying a new wig is the fastest way to transform your image.
So should your femme self be a blonde or a brunette? It all depends on the image you want to project. Here’s what each color says about you:

Blonde is the most feminine hair color. It’s a fun, lively shade that attracts a lot of attention. Blondes are seen as bubbly, youthful, and approachable. Blond hair has been considered attractive and sexy since very old times, but at the same time, people tend to presume that blondes are less serious-minded and less intelligent than brunettes. The blonde stereotype, the stereotypical perception of blond-haired women, has two aspects. On one hand, blond hair in women is considered attractive and desirable. On the other hand, a blond woman is often perceived as making little use of intelligence, as a "woman who relied on her looks rather than on intelligence". Blonde hair is also a physical trait often associated with "bimbos", attractive but unintelligent women. I think every sissy should go blonde at least once in her life, but it’s crucial to choose the right shade. Generally, sissies love being all feminine, so they usually don't have a problem with being stereotyped as "dumb blondes", as long as they feel all attractive and sexy.

So if u choose to be a blonde u have to become the stereotype:


  • Be fun

  • Become more attractive

  • More easy going

  • All ditzy

  • Slutty

  • Lower your inhibitions

  • Lower your intelligence (at least what you show)

  • Be more flirty

  • Be more feminine

  • Wear anything pink

Brunettes are perceived as intelligent, sophisticated, and seductive. Go brunette if you want to show off your mysterious side. It’s a color that will also get you noticed. Just be sure to choose the right shade. Going too dark can drain the color from your face. So while blondes are seen as all ditzy and slutty bimbos, brunettes are more dominant and aggressive. Their hair color makes them look less feminine, easy going and fun than blondes. Instead they look smart, seductive, powerful and dominant. Sissies generally, tend to be submissive towards brunette women. Usually they become enthralled by their dominant nature and the influence they seem to have over them. But if a sissy chooses to be a brunette she has to follow the stereotype as well:

  • Be seductive

  • Project your intelligence

  • Be serious

  • Wear black

  • Be more sexually aggressive

  • Be more bitchy

There's a weird attraction between blondes and brunettes. 

The reason is that they are completely the opposite. 

A blonde feels more submissive in front of a brunette and the brunette feels an inner need to dominate the other part. 

So as u can see the one half needs the other half desperately. 

What can u say? 

Opposites attract..