Sissify Yourself: A fashionista in-the-making

are you the girl that your friends run to with their eyeliner emergencies? Can you braid hair with the best or give a marvelous manicure? Can you recommend the perfect mascara without even blinking an eye? if not, then you should try harder!!
of course, u've been practicing with cosmetics since you underwent your physical enhancements back in your early teens. maybe u even secretly think u 've got the knack to making yourself look your best. but there 's a big difference between limited gurlish experiments with lipstick and blush to the artistic achievements of a debutante striving to be the center of atention. from this point on, the expectations will rise ever higher until u are able to put a smile on the faces of the women and men you meet.
every sissy must find his best look and tne journey will produce not a few fashion and beauty disasters! don't despair if that foundation doesn't look right or that new shag cut looks a bit too boyish. u 'll have to endure the looks and take note of what not to do in the future! don't be surprised if you don't get to make all the beauty choices yourself. your girlfriends may want to see what you'd look like as a honey blonde. u might even be as pleasantly surprised as they are with the result! over time, u 'll discover you don't feel confident unless u 're properly made up, that you reef foolish and ugly without that lipstick touch-up or that sparkfy gloss, not to mention just how much work it takes to achieve that fresh "natural look" so desired these days.
compliments and approving smiles from your friends will tell u you 're starting to "get it". when real girls start complimenting u on that cute shade of pink lipstick u 're wearing or ask to borrow that tight, daring low-cut sweater you 've picked out, u 'll know u 've left your "tomgurl phase" behind.

but listen up girls. real men don't care about beauty and fashion at all, while women is all they think about! u have to choose where u stand! when u were a little "boy", did u like watching other girls play dress up? or do each others hair etc? if so, then by now u should be obsessed with anything related to beauty and fashion! u see, sissies have to be beauty experts. normally your girlfriends should need your advice on what to wear, how they look, how to do their hair, which make up to use etc. u should be their mentor in all these things. it's not difficult, u just have to try.

next u r gonna see a girl i just adore. watch and learn.